Imagineering Your Next Case! March 17 2015, 0 Comments


Let us help you start Imagineering your next personalised phone or tablet case with a few helpful hints from the experts! A personalised, quality phone case surely has to be the best thing since sliced bread. Here are a few things to think about before you get Imagineering your next case:

  1. An image, artwork or saying that truly means something to you. It could be your family, your pet, your favourite quote, your team, business or fave brand. By doing this you make your case unique and special to you and it’s definitely NOT next doors cat just because…
  2. You want to use a high quality image to ensure that the case we produce is seriously the best and puts your case as far away from the rest as possible. An image taken on a Samsung Galaxy S4 or above is usually pretty great anyway, so if you only have a phone to take your pic from, don’t stress it should still be fabulous!
  3. Make it something that you’re not embarrassed to show people. The worst thing is getting a case of your secret crush that you’ve had for years plastered all over your case and then having to hide it from everyone. Trust us, we know first-hand…
  4. Avoid explicit or racial images or sayings because, that’s not nice. Peace to the world!
  5. Give your phone some physical insurance. If you drop your phone a lot, go for the tough/ defender case as it will help your phone protects itself when the big bad world attacks.

If you’re thinking you want an iPersonalised phone case after Imagineering your next case, checkout and get cracking.  Share the result of Imagineering your case on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts @iPersonalised. Can’t wait to see where your Imagineering gets you. Good Luck!