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No Pets Allowed at Work… NOT!

No Pets Allowed... Not

Pet inclusion is hot in America. Twenty per cent of US-based companies have pet-friendly policies, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association. Tech giants Amazon.com, Dell, Nokia and Google allow employees to bring their pets to work.

Why You Should Take Your Pet to Work

Why You Should Take Your Pet to Work

Eventbrite managing director ­Rachael Neumann doesn’t just ­interview human job applicants – she also interviews her employee’s pets. That’s because her company, which helps organise events through the internet, has joined the growing ranks of employers encouraging pets in the office in the belief that it boosts staff morale and is good for business.

“They’re wonderful support ­animals, they make our staff happy and it translates to excellent output,” she told BRW. “It helps break people out of the mundane office existence and the staff seem to work better.”

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More Companies Taking Pets to Work

More Companies Taking Pets to Work

Six of the 120 staff at Guide Dogs Victoria bring their dogs to the office regularly, she says.

Cotton On, The Melbourne Theatre Company, Exit Films and Media Giants also have pet-friendly offices! Eventbrite recently opened a four-person office in Melbourne and is eager to bring the “culture of inclusion” lauded in San Francisco to Australia, extending the hospitality to its staff member’s dogs.

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Join the Taking-Pet-to-Work Bandwagon
Join the Taking-Pet-to-Work Bandwagon

I bet you would love to have the opportunity to bring your dog with you at work! Unless you’re allergic to our furry buddies, of course!

But if it’s not allowed to bring your pets to work, then don’t lose hope! You can actually bring it with you in a form of a phone case!

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Take Your Pets with You Thru iPersonalised Phone Case

Now, taking your pet to work is possible. And you’re welcome.