The Best Custom iPhone Cases EVER November 02 2015, 0 Comments

That's right - the best! 

Don't believe us, then take a look at this little number.

On the left a competitor: lack lustre image quality, magenta colour cast, print lines through image, photograph easily scratches off (there's even a warning sticker saying the image will wear off), image only covers part of the case, cheap flimsy plastic case that will easily break.

On the right iPersonalised: True photographic quality, no unnatural colour cast, image covers the ENTIRE case, image will not scratch off, high quality strong and durable polycarbonate plastic case.


iPersonalised offers true photographic quality when printing smartphone cases making the ordinary smartphone look extraordinary. To be able to do this, we use the world’s leading sublimation technology to transform your vision, photo or design into a vibrant and sophisticated phone case that will be unique to the individual and unlike any other. The images are printed INTO the surface of the case which is important when protecting the image and the phone case. Here at iPersonalised there's no stickers, no glue, no images rubbing off. Just beautiful cases that last a life time and images that wrap around the sides of the case to give it the desired finish.
Which do you prefer?

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