Epic Design Ideas You Must Try on Your Phone Case February 23 2016, 0 Comments

You spent hours and hours scouring the internet to find the best phone case that befits your phone and your style, and yet nothing seems to be worth the second look.

And sure, there are a pool of designs meandering across the internet. You just have to squint your eyes and look very closely…

*Scroll* *scroll* *scroll*

We don’t have much time for that, do we?

Lucky you, you actually have the option to personalise your phone case by creating your own design! And I can’t stress this enough, you can use your phone case to exude your style and just be a cut above the rest!

Creative juice seems to be not flowing? You need not fret! Enlisted below are phone case design ideas to squeeze out your creativity to satisfy your caprices!

So, let’s get started!

#1: Phone Cover for Globetrotter

iPersonalised Globetrotter Phone Case

Being the venturesome that you are, you would want to remember all the breathtaking places your eyes had ever laid on, and set your feet on. And I’m writing this without any hint of doubt--you must’ve exhausted all your shutters! Relive those memories and feature the best places you have captured on your phone case!

#2: Family in a Case Together, Stays Together

iPersonalised Family Phone Case

There may be no perfect family, but they always deserve a spot on your phone case!


They drive you crazy.

They drive you nuts.

They drive you loony.

BUT -- They drive you.

#3: Paw Prints to Phone Prints

iPersonalised Pets Phone CaseWagging tails, wet noses, and paws--it’s not a HOME without FUR-KIDS!

And let’s be honest here: Pets are the only members of the family you actually like!

So, who says these furry friends can’t be a phone case cover design?

A little reminder from our furry friends: Be the person your dog thinks you are.

#4: Covers for Lovers

iPersonalised Globetrotter Phone Case

Flowers, chocolates, letters, scrapbook, ring, and everything there is to signify your togetherness with your significant other. And who knew phone case covers can be one of your sweetest mementos? With a lover cover, you can send a little love that can surely pull the heartstrings of your loved one.


#5: Logo Cover Brand Discover

iPersonalised Globetrotter Phone Case

Business owners have tried giving out shirts, pens, caps, mugs, bags, ID laces, car stickers, and the list goes on and on. But have you tried promoting your brand through a phone case? Uncover your company’s brand and let it be discovered with your phone case!

There are a myriad of ideas you could think of that can be placed on your phone case. From your favourite person to your favourite place, and anything you can capture that can take your breath away. These phone cases are great gift ideas, too!

Bear this in mind: your only limitation is your imagination.

So, start wearing your thinking hats, let your creative juice flow, and create a phone case design that only you and you could have! Oh, the greatest little joys of knowing that you can have a great phone case that lets you be YOU!