5 Brilliant Business and Promotional Gift Ideas You Must Try March 01 2016, 0 Comments

What better way to make a grand impression with your brand than with a thoughtful promotional gift? And I can’t stress this enough--promotional gift items aren’t just freebies; they are also an ongoing advertisement.

Sticky notes, pens, rubber bracelets, lanyards… No matter how small these investments may seem, these products are used almost always. Stamp your business imagery on it, and now you can attract new customers as you pass those items to people who don’t know your brand yet. As opposed to using flyers, these promotional gift items are being used and are much less likely to be thrown.

Looking for more creative promotional gift ideas? Brace yourself on getting your business known as you create walking billboards for your business to solidify your identity to the masses.


#1: Phone Cases

iPersonalised Case for Business
iPersonalised mock-up designs

Who would’ve thought phone cases could be a great promotional item, too? Not only do they serve as a protection to your phone, but they also make a good space of advertisement as we almost always have our nifty gadgets stapled in our hands.

Creating your own little branded phone case has never been so easy!

Here’s how:

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#2: Seeds

iPersonalised Seeds


iPersonalised mock-up designs

Another way to creatively--and not to mention eco-friendly--promote your business is through--yep, seeds!

Seedsticks has been manufacturing and selling seeds on sticks!

They also come in different shapes. It can be a bookmark, a car, wheelie bin, booklet, Christmas tree, House shape, water drop, and so much more!

Seed varieties are as follows:

  • Flowers
  • Herbs
  • Natives
  • Vegetables

Not only do you promote your brand, but you also promote a green environment.


#3: Stress Balls

iPersonalised Stress Ball

iPersonalised mock-up designs

Everyone needs a stress-reliever! Hence, the stress ball!

Not that stressed out people would be charging their frustration to your company as they squeeze out all their stress on the ball with your company’s name in it.

But instead, put it this way--you lessen their stress.

So start having your logos printed on stress balls!


#4: Cookies

iPersonalised Cookies

iPersonalised mock-up designs

Another token that could bring out your artistic side is cookies! One of the best ways to express your gratitude to your loyal clients is to make their tummies happy. No one can resist to binge on this sumptuous treats with your business imagery on it!


#5: Water Bottles

iPersonalised Water Bottle

iPersonalised mock-up designs

And if you’re thirsty for more, here’s a water bottle that could quench your thirst, and could promote your business, too! And if you’re a coffee person, we’re not crossing out mugs on the list!

There is a heap of ways to promote brand awareness than just sending out flyers that most of the time are tossed to the trash. Be creative. Be useful. Build an impression.