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We are very fond of countdowns. Marking weeks, days, hours and even seconds until a vacation or birthday or midnight on New Year’s Eve! It seems to increase our anticipation and the excitement for a major event. It should be no surprise, then, that one of our most enduring Christmas traditions, among children and adults alike, has been the eager counting of days until Dec. 25.

How Much is Spent During Christmas Season

According to the Australian Retailers Association and creditcardfinder.com.au, Australian shoppers will spend about $488 each on Christmas presents which is around $45 billion between mid-November and December 24. Our Christmas spending this year is set to include $18.5 billion on food alone. These are big numbers so here are a few tips on how to get through the season with your finances intact.

Kitting yourself on a Budget

Make a budget for the WHOLE season; it has to cover presents, food and drink, but most importantly, it has to cover all your usual overheads: don't miss mortgage, rent, finance and insurance payments because you overspent on gifts.

Make a list of presents with a dollar limit. This makes it far easier to budget and by not going over, it might even allow for a sneaky present or two for yourself (Only if you’ve budgeted for it of course).

A Decent List is a Decent Bliss

Don't enter a shop without a list. Impulse buying and duplication will always blow your budget to the moon and back. It’s a HUGE no, no!

Plan and budget your Christmas lunches and get-togethers. Once you buy a ham, a turkey and some wine, the costs are starting to mount. So coordinate your guests to bring salads, desserts and bubbly and you’ll be set.

If you're the one doing the visiting, plan in advance for gifts and a plate, and plan for a ride home or budget for the taxi fare if you need one.

Limit the Cost Count NONE for Cost

Communicate with other family members and negotiate cost limits on gifts. It doesn't mean you're cheap – everyone is relieved when someone suggests a limit. It stops people from going OTT and making you feel uncomfortable when you unwrap that super expensive presents.

Be Unique

Last minute shopping, eh? You can refrain from barging into every store just to buy the perfect last minute gift by shopping online! You can take all your time without the hassle of looking for something you don’t even know, and stressing your legs from going all over! It saves you from battling tag-of-war with someone else, too, when the items are on their last stock! I’m sure it’s the last stock because almost everyone bought it!

Sit back, relax, browse through your PC or your phone, and go to iPersonalised Case Designer. Upload photos that will flatter the person you love, choose their brand and phone model, do the necessary prompts for the payment, and you can wait for the phone case to arrive! Now your gifts can have a personal touch! You can even send it straight to their home. More choices, more personal, less hassle.

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Now, start counting smiles! Not just days!