ZOMG! KIDS SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!!!! July 02 2015, 0 Comments

“YESSSSSSS! School Holidays!!!!!!!” are the words that many parents will have heard from their children. The parents on the other hand are thinking “What am I going to do with the kids this holidays?”

Parents you are not alone, when you think you have done just about all you can to keep your kids occupied you will always find something else to do, or they will. If going to the theme parks or movies just isn’t your scene, never fear iPersonalised is here. We may specialise in making your phone case your own, but we are full of ideas on how to occupy your kids.

Our first brilliant idea is possibly one you would never have thought of!

Do you think its possible to utilise iPersonalised to keep your kids occupied for a good hour or so? NO!? Well think again. The team at iPersonalised has thought long and hard (that’s just what we do ;) ) and we got thinking.

Why not have a special day where you go to the park, have a picnic or decorate a cake, get your kids involved, let them take loads of pictures. When you come home they choose the one they like the most, you can then upload the picture to our website and in a few days they will enjoy their fabulous photography being displayed on your phone.

Why not give it a go?

Happy Holidays!