SCHOOL HOLIDAYS DRAW TO A CLOSE July 10 2015, 0 Comments

School holidays are finally drawing to a close. If your kids are anything like my brother was, they won’t be able to remember what they did.

So I hope you were taking lots of pictures and will be testing out our new website and getting yourself an iPersonalised phone case to remember your holidays!

But wait, what is that I hear? You didn’t do anything picture worthy?

Never fear, the theme parks are still here.

Get on down to your closest theme park and let your kids have an amazing day to remember. Trust me you might even have more fun than the kids. Your kids will be tired out by the end of the day, you will have heaps of great pictures and have time at night to upload your favourite picture or picture collage to our website because the kids will be fast asleep.

The team at iPersonalised have the printers warmed up and awaiting your images.

So what are you waiting for get onto iPersonalised today and order your phone case!