Wrapping Odd Shaped Gifts! November 17 2015, 0 Comments

Some gifts can get a little tricky to wrap. Things like toys, phone cases and other objects that don’t come inside a box. To solve this, we show you how to wrap an uneven shaped gift that’s hassle-free and allows the gift to still look amazing.

Follow these steps to create a paper bag that holds your gift inside. Here we show how to wrap odd shaped gifts, like a round one, so that you don’t have to create numerous messy folds or use the whole roll of tape.


Measure the width of your gift and ensure it will fit inside the bag.


Fold the left side over so the flap reaches your desired width. Then fold the right side over on top on this.


Cut the right side in half, and tape down (thoroughly) onto the left side. This is creating the spine of your bag.


Measure the ideal height of the bag. Fold the bottom up, around 10cm.


Open the bottom of the bag by gently pulling apart the flaps and then folding them down so a vertical seam is created.


Once each side is folded flat, tape down the vertical seam.  Fold the top and bottom towards the centre, and again tape it down firmly. This is the base of the bag so you want it to be supportive.


Carefully slide your hand inside the bag and pop out the bottom base. You will now be able to see the shape of the bag.


Insert your gift. Now you are ready to close off the bag, by folding the top as you would other gifts.


Fold a left and right hand corner inwards. Fold the top over slightly, to create a crisp line. Then fold the entire flap downwards towards the base


Dress your gift with a ribbon. Either horizontally or with a bow.

And that's all there is to it.

P.S There's only 37 days until Christmas so you better get wrapping!