To Have a Phone Case... or Not? May 11 2016, 0 Comments

It has been an unwritten rule for tech savvy people and the lay alike to anticipate the flagship mobile phones in the mobile industry--the one of the things each year they ogle about.

But once they meet the pristine gadget in the flesh, there’s always this question that needs to be asked: Do I have to buy a phone case?

Why people don’t consider having a phone case?

#1: It adds bulk

Bulky Basic Phone

As you and I could tell, gone are the days where all mobile phones sport a bite-size-like dimensions. The latest phone models of today are now jumping on the bandwagon of the thinnest gadget there is, plus a wider, self-luminous screen. So, snapping a bulky phone case on it would definitely defeat the purpose.

#2: The emblem gets covered

iPhone Emblem

Some people like to have a prominent display of their phone’s emblem--ehem, Apple. And it’s definitely a non-transparent phone cover hinders to get it flaunted. While some are only concerned about showing off their phone’s emblem, others consider the totality of the handset’s aesthetic design. Won’t it be better to flaunt how sexily engineered your phone is?

#3: People… know how to handle it


With all the clumsiness anyone could be in the world, there exists a numbered people wherein they could be really cautious not to drop anything they value--and that includes their phones by all means.

Why should you consider having a phone case?

#1: Slim cases are now available

Plain Phone Case

While phone cases tend to be bulky more often than not to be able to deflect blows effectively, we also have those slim cases that can be easily snapped to your phone--of course, in a snap! They may not be as tough as the bulky cases, but don’t get me wrong, they can actually save your phone from all sorts of scuffs and bumps. There are cheap ones, but be skeptical on choosing your phone cases. Sometimes, it’s tough to spot cheap quality phone cases! You can compare it with iPersonalised snap cases--priding its high-quality polycarbonate material.

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#2: Wear phone cases like your second skin

Phone Case Second Skin

With the vast anthology of creative cases meandering, all the good finds can actually be a little browse and a few clicks away--if going to brick-and-mortar stores don’t do too much for you. Wear your phone case like your second skin as you match it with your mood and style. It’s real nice to get to keep your phone in style. And if you want to give a personal touch to your phone case, start creating a personalised photo phone case at iPersonalised now!

#3: It’s not just about you

Phone People Hand

You are prim and proper--no one’s questioning that. But what about your furry buddy? And how clumsy the people around you can be? Ahem… kids. And not to mention your super hyper friend who is also known as the-level-of-clumsiness-in-this-one-is-too-d*mn-high friend? Nothing--yes, that includes your phone--is safe around them, I guarantee it! So, for the sake of your phone’s protection, I can’t stress this enough: Buy. A. Phone. Case!

Bear in mind that covering your phone or tablet doesn’t decrease your handset’s value nor reduce its beauty. The longevity of your gadget is only as good as how much you take care of it.