State of Origin: Creatively Support Your Team thru Phone Case June 01 2016, 0 Comments

And the most anticipated Greatest Rivalry in Australia between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons is here! Let’s unite for the State of Origin!

Which team are you rooting for?

For those who are not familiar with State of Origin, then you are missing a lot, mate!

But it’s never too late!

Jump into the State of Origin bandwagon and see who will win between the cane toads and the cockroaches! Huzzah!

Before placing your bets, have some bits and bites of the States of Origin first!

The State of Origin’s…

State of Origin History

The State of Origin is what vehemently gives you good chills and the rush you need each time you see your favourite player (or the whole team) smashing the opponent and as he sprints to reach the goal!

The State of Origin is referred to as Australian sport’s greatest rivalry. It’s a rugby league game wherein the players represent the Australian state--hence the name, ‘State of Origin’ as the name implies--or also known as the Australian football.

Blood. Sweat. Tears.

Once you’ve watched the greatest rivalry, you’ll never get enough of the State of Origin.

Creatively Support Your State of Origin Team

State of Origin Phone Case iPersonalised

Whilst wearing maroon or blue shirts, wristbands or smearing the colour of your pride onto skin shows how much you support your State of Origin team, those are but a few things--and I’m writing this without a hint of doubt--that typically all supporters of the two opposing teams do.

Want to be a cut above the rest and be more creative in supporting your favourite team?

Let your phone case do the cheering for your favourite team in this rugby league season!

State of Origin Jersey Phone Cases

State of Origin Jersey Phone Case

This time, you’re  not the only one who gets to wear jerseys! Pimp your phone with State of Origin jersey phone cases that have the initials of your team, or you can add your very own initials!

NSW or QLD? Don’t miss out the chance to wear the State of Origin proudly at the back of your phone!

Grab your own own Initialised State of Origin Jersey Phone Case only at iPersonalised for Apple and Samsung devices.

State of Origin Cane Toads or Cockroaches?

State of Origin Cane Toad and Cockroach

Both teams may have unbecoming nicknames, but Cane Toads and Cockroaches won’t ever be considered pesky when it’s State of Origin we’re talking about.

Flaunt either any of those cockroaches and cane toads on your phone case proudly, and may the best team win:

So whose side are you on? Support your team creatively through State of Origin and Initialised phone cases only at iPersonalised!