5 Ways Our Pets Improve Our Lives November 28 2014, 0 Comments

November has been "Adopt a Senior Pet Month," and adopting a pet isn't just good for your pet; it's good for you too. Check out these five ways that pets improve the lives of their human companions.

#1: They can often help improve self-esteem

Research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, shows that pet owner’s exhibit stronger self-esteem than non-pet-owners. What's more, pet owners are more extroverted and less fearful than people who don't own pets.

#2: They can usually help reduce the risk of allergies (SNEEZE)

Contrary to popular belief, it seems owning a pet does not make you more susceptible to allergies. In fact, studies suggest that being exposed to a pet early in life may decrease your risk of animal allergies later on.

#3: They can help reduce our negativity

Much like thinking about a friend might help you feel less negative after a bad social experience; thinking about a pet has been suggested to have the exact same effect. In a study conducted on 97 pet owners, participants were unknowingly subjected to a negative social experience. They were then asked to either write about their best friend, their pet or draw a map of their college campus. This study showed that the participants who wrote about their pet or their best friend both showed zero negative feelings and were equally happy, even after the negative social experience.

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#4: They can help reduce loneliness

One study found that people with pet dogs reported having their social needs fulfilled just as effectively by their pets as by their friends. The research subjects reported that their dogs provided them with a strong sense of self-esteem, belonging and a meaningful existence.

#5: They make us feel supported

Studies have also revealed that pet owners feel they receive just as much support from their pets as they do from their family members.

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