Our 10 most annoying mobile phone habits revealed! January 16 2015, 0 Comments

We’ve all been there. Sitting on the bus or train and someone nearby insists on carrying out a phone call in a ridiculously loud voice, sharing their evening plans, relationship problems and even lunch dilemmas with everyone around them #nothankyou.

If you’ve ever fumed at their lack of social awareness you are not alone, according to a new survey. People talking loudly on their phones on public transport has been voted the MOST annoying mobile phone habit, putting ‘friends who continue to use their mobile in social situations' to first place.

Playing music loudly on a phone was voted the third most annoying habits which surely is just as annoying as the first. Psychologist Mandy Kloppers believes that mobile phones aren’t just communication devices any more, and that their users view them as a bit of a lifeline. Phones, she says, have created “a portable social scene to be pandered to at every possible whim”.

“No matter where you are, the urge to let others know what we are doing has become addictive as well as irritating to those in the nearby physical environment,” she said. Elsewhere, using text speak  such as ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ irritated respondents who preferred to read full words instead of abbreviations.

Perhaps surprisingly, taking or sharing ‘selfies’ was relatively low down, but still very annoying! One selfie a year keeps is just fine by me.

Mobile phone users’ most irritating practices:

  1. Speaking loudly on mobile phones when on public transport (67%)
  2. Friends who continue using their mobile phones while in social situations (62%)
  3. Playing loud music on mobile phones (54%)
  4. Using text speak in other communications (e.g. using ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ when emailing) (40%)
  5. Constantly being invited by people to play mobile phone games (35%)
  6. Texting while walking (34%)
  7. Phone snobbery (people who strongly argue one phone's merit over another’s), and constantly updating a location on social media ( both 32%)
  8. Taking/sharing selfies (31%)
  9. Taking/sharing photographs of food (27%)
  10. Misusing acronyms (e.g. misusing LOL) (21%)

Has this list got everything that you thought? Maybe it’s missing something… Let us know!