What Phone Case Fits Your Personality? December 28 2015, 0 Comments

LET’S FACE IT--We know you’ve splurged so much on your pristine, self-luminous rectangular gadget. Or if not, it still holds pertinent information that makes you hold onto your phone like your life depends on it. Even when you’re sitting on your throne, you just can’t let go of your phone. Guilty?

It even starts to replace the things we used to keep stapled in our bags like notebook/planner, camera, mp3 players, and everything else you can think of. Though, there are some--yes, they still exist--who choose to keep things traditional. You can’t blame them; one snatch of your phone, and there goes your life running away from you!

Adding to anxiousness, the impending incidents that render your hearts broken the moment your phone meets the concrete ground. Shattered heart; shattered screen.

This is why phone cases are invented! To keep your phone from being scratched and to give your phone the protection it rightfully deserves. Having said that, there are already tons of phone case types that are meandering across the internet. How do you choose? It all boils down to your personality.

Who wouldn’t want a phone case that they could wear as their second skin?

#1: Posh

When you  hear the word posh, there’s one thing that comes to mind--fashionista. You want to look glammed up from head-to-toe whilst keeping that elegance as you carry your outfit gracefully. You wouldn’t leave your phone dull, would you? The case that could satisfy all fashionista whims is an elegantly designed embellished case that could match their outfit. Better choose a design of your phone case or… create your own case design that could match your style instead! Besides, you know yourself better than anyone!


#2: Globetrotter

So you’re a certified globetrotter and you just can’t keep your feet in one place? Of course, you won’t be needing an embellished phone case! All you need is something that could defend the brunt of the fall. Some cases--without a doubt--could definitely defend your phone. But others could serve dual purpose: design and protection. It will definitely add bulk, but it’s worth the protection.


#3: Hippie

Skinny jeans, floral long-sleeves, vest, handlebar moustache, jumper, lens-less glasses, scarf, trendy shoes… need I say more? Hello, hippies! What do hipsters love? You tell me, hippies! Basically they don’t like being confined in a box of social norms, choosing to look edgy and distinct with their clothing and accessories. If you are against stereotypes, the hippie in you would mostly enjoy moustache designs or colourful cases that are odd enough to notice! Be creative, and design your own as well! You’re the stubborn trendsetter anyway!


#4: Geeky

Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, Geeky Glasses, Comic-Con, Sherlock Holmes, newfangled gadgets, The Avengers, Manga, Anime, and of course Star Wars… do I have all the geek’s attention now? To match the hunger of these geek blokes, the best cases for them are those that have designs that only they could understand! Geeks, could you just explain those objects? Or if that doesn’t do too well for them, they like cases that just don’t serve as cases!

So there you have it, folks! Get the best phone case that matches your phone and your personality!