My Phone is Stolen! What Do I Do? January 08 2016, 0 Comments

Passerby: Hey, what time is it?

*You fish for your phone inside your pocket*

You: It’s...

And… next thing you know, you get your phone snatched away from you.

Pickpockets get to master a myriad of tactics to filch your pristine gadgets. They know how expensive smartphones can get. And we know how valuable they are as we’ve entrusted almost all sensitive information there is, rendering us treating our phones as if they’re tied to our personal identity. With that being said, when will you take action?

Don’t wait till you become a victim.

Get the best of these tips to secure your phone from loss and theft.

#1: Tone down the beep and be discreet.

Tone down the beep and be discreet

Never--I repeat--never dangle your phone in public. It seems like a no-brainer to tell you to never leave it lying around or put down in public, but this is mostly the reason that alerts thieves. Switching your phone to vibrate mode helps as well to not draw attention as oppose to having loud ringtones.

#2: Maximise the use of your phone’s security features.

Phone security features

Your mobile’s security features aren’t there for nothing. With the advancement of technology at a neck breaking speed, the big bosses of the mobile industry enhanced handset’s security features from Personal Identification Number (PIN), Pattern unlock, Face unlock, Face and voice unlock, and now, Fingerprint unlock or Touch ID. Don’t chuck the idea of using your phone’s security features. At least secure the sensitive information your phone holds from thieving eyes.

#3: Secure pertinent information by creating back-up.

Backup pertinent information

If you’re one of the people who rely on their smartphones to store pertinent information or personal data, then all the more reason for you to regularly backup your data to your computer or any personal device you have. You can also make a backup and have it stored in the cloud so you can access it anytime, anywhere.

#4: Ever heard of the IMEI serial number?


Every handset has its own unique 15-digit electronic serial number. This is the IMEI number of your phone--International Mobile Equipment Identity. To know your device’s IMEI, unmount your phone’s battery, and you’ll see the IMEI indicated normally. Or… dial *#06# on your phone, and the 15-digit code will show up. Take note of this and write it down on something that won’t get stolen; yes, a notebook!

And if your phone--God forbid-- is stolen, you can report it by providing your IMEI serial number to your network operator. Your device will then be deactivated, and no one will be able to use your mobile phone even if they insert a new SIM. You may never get your phone back, but rest assured no one will be able to use your stolen phone.

Phone cases can only protect your phone by taking the brunt of the fall. It pays to also protect all valuable information your phone holds. Let your family, friends, and colleagues know about this to prevent your phone from getting stolen. Stealing smartphones would be pointless if everyone was educated on this topic.