Using iPhone 6 Camera: You're Doing it Wrong January 13 2016, 0 Comments

Most people would think that the greater the number of a camera phone’s megapixel it packs, the better the quality of the photograph. And so, the megapixel war began and is still reigning to this day.

But one of the big boys of the mobile industry begs to differ.

From Apple’s iPhone 4S to Apple’s latest iteration iPhone 6S as of this writing, it’s evident that they have maintained 8-megapixel shooter unlike other competitors.

Yet they have been able to optimise the photo and video performance by using other means.

And it’s on our end to use this neat piece’s shooter to discover its full potential for that picture-perfect photo that is a vivid representation of a memory there is.

Get the best of your iPhotography with these nifty tricks every photography savvy and the lay person alike should know.

#1: Light exposure adjustment made easier

Light Exposure iPhone 6

A few camera phone generations ago, we had to choose a good background with good lighting. We had to be careful not to snag a photo directly on backlit backgrounds for we knew that lighting can make or break a picture. Sometimes your phone’s flash just isn’t enough.

Fast forward to today, a few taps and toggles on your screen will do the work for you--all thanks to Apple’s Exposure feature. Activate the Exposure by tapping anywhere on the screen. As it pops up, you may now adjust the exposure to lighten or darken the subject to your liking.

#2: Activate the camera grid

Gridlines iPhone 6

Tired of wonky photographs? Can’t get a perfect shot that isn’t tilted? Focus on the object you’re trying to capture by activating the camera grid.

The camera gridlines can’t be activated on the camera app itself. To activate this feature, go to Settings and choose Photos & Camera. And from there, you can switch the grid on.

Understandably, tons of people would utilise camera gridlines to make sure the object is lined-up the horizon properly.

But if you know photography well enough, you may have also heard of the rule of thirds in which your subject is placed not in the middle of the scene, but on either side. Have another secondary element in the photo, and the photo taken will surely strike an interest to the eye.

#3: A faster autofocus

Focus Pixels Phase Detection Pixels iPhone 6

Focus Pixels feature--one of the newest features added under the hood, which is also known as the phase detection pixels--gives the camera phone a capability to focus at twice the speed of its predecessors. This feature creates a fast and detailed photo snagging experience as it uses the new image signal processor to sense light quickly. It augments skin tones, autofocus, macro photography, and facial recognition--giving you the SLR-like experience.

It pays to be knowledgeable enough to make the best out of these features. You’ll be amazed at how smart your camera phone can be by simply capturing the moments that never fail to take your breath away.