This girl bought a cheap phone case. Look what it did to her leg. January 21 2016, 0 Comments

On January 11,  a mother named Karly Retter from Ware, United Kingdom posted a photo to her Facebook page about a cheap crystal iPhone case that leaked and burned her 9 year old daughter Olivia Retter.

Cheap phone case burned 9 year old girl

The phone case reportedly has a pink, glittery acid that leaked when the phone case cracked--rendering the girl with a third-degree burn in the shape of an iPhone 5c case on her right thigh as shown in the picture posted by Karly. The mother told Telegraph that there was no visible crack found in the phone case where the toxic liquid had escaped from.

According to the doctors, it is a severe chemical burn that will leave a lifelong scar. Karly said Olivia sneaked the phone in her bedroom on January 2 and fell asleep with it touching her leg. She woke up the following morning with an awful, painful red burn.

The incident built more anxiety to Karly as she imagines if her daughter was holding the phone to her face and it leaked. Worse comes to worst, it could have gone on her face or her eyes.

Toxic Cheap iPhone 5C Case

The girl bought the $5.99 iPhone 5C in Cambridge from a New Look store. Karly Retter updated her Facebook followers that the phone cases from the said store has been removed. The New Look spokesman said that they already conducted an investigation with the supplier of the said smartphone case to prevent this incident from happening in the future.

Karly Retter’s post has gone viral and had more than 40,000 shares. The post is no longer viewable since Karly changed her privacy settings on Facebook.

Thinking of buying a cheap phone case now?

Not to say that all cheap cases cause harm. Sometimes phone cases aren’t just durable enough to take the brunt of the fall. But we need to be keen enough about buying cheap items that eventually might just do us harm. It’s better to buy things or products that actually give your money’s worth, rather than get yourself a hideous scar--an awkward iPhone case scar. Some phone case may come a bit fancy, but if you check its durability and performance, it gives your phone the protection and convenience it rightfully deserves.

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Balloon phone case

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Balloon Phone Case

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