5 Superheroes of DC Comics That You Might Have Never Heard Of March 15 2016, 0 Comments

How many DC superheroes do you know? If you could mention more aside from Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Wonderwoman, then my hat’s off to you.

More than those aforementioned widely known DC Superheroes, there are actually tons of superheroes--and most absolutely, villains--that have been spawned in the pages of Action Comics.

There’s something about these sci-fi epics that seem to demand a lengthy runtime that can even take up to 4 hours. Whether you’re a certified geek, or just fond of flipping every page of an action comic book, it’s time for the other not-so-heard-of DC Superheroes to enjoy the spotlight because they deserve the limelight for defending the DC Universe!

The comic book geeks may have already heard of them--Ssh! No spoilers, please. Hah!--but one couldn’t deny that these superheroes are also the heroes of our childhood.


#1: Black Canary

Black Canary - Dinah Lance - DC Superhero

Who says heroes should only be men? We also have our superheroines, and one of the oldest female heroes in the DC Universe is Black Canary, also known as Dinah Laurel Lance. Dinah is one of the core members of the WWII-era Justice Society, and she pairs her martial arts expertise or skills with her wicked sonic scream--leaving the enemies lurching violently. People get to know more and more about Black Canary as she is seen in Smallville, Arrow, and Justice League Unlimited.

#2: The Atom

The Atom - Ray Palmer - DC Superhero

A superhero that shrinks? That is definitely Atom--sharing the same name with the Golden Age Atom. Nonetheless, Ray Palmer is actually more of a scientist than a pugilist. And one of his inventions is the patented size-changing belt that shrinks him down to subatomic size--thus, the Atom name. In the recent years, Ray returned from the tragic fallout of Identity Crisis to his current role--reduced role, yes, but despite the rise and fall of his fortunes, he remains the greatest hero to be renowned as “The Atom.”

#3: Shazam (Captain Marvel)

Shazam - Captain Marvel - DC Superhero

Shazam--known as Captain Marvel in his early appearance in the DC Universe--was the name chosen to replace the name Captain Marvel due to legal battles. Its new name was adapted from the word he utters--and yes, I can read your mind--that is “Shazam!” This ordinary boy becomes the World’s Mightiest Mortal once he utters the magic word. Although he somehow resembles to Superman, he never gained that popularity. Nonetheless, he remained one of the remarkable superheroes in the DC Universe. And you could actually see him more often since he had a modern revamp in the pages of Justice League


#4: Nightwing

Nightwing - Dick Grayson - DC Superhero

From the original teen sidekick of Batman we all know as Robin, and now to a full-fledged hero we should now call as Nightwing in his own right, Dick Grayson became the defender of Gotham City’s residents. He was able to overcome childhood tragedy, too, like his mentor. He may not have infinite resources of Batman, but he keeps fighting for justice anyway. A core of a hero that lies within as he escapes from the shadow of the Bat.

#5: Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter

And last, but totally not the least to fill the spot, Martian Manhunter--also known as J’onn J’onzz. His origin tragically resembles to that of Superman, but he was able to witness his entire Martian culture to burn down to ashes before his eyes including his very own family. But instead of wallowing in pain and misery, he was able to stand on his own and build a second home on Earth. He learnt human culture and found that it is worth fighting for--and that includes his favourite sumptuous treat Choco cookies. J’onn is also a recurring member of the Justice League--animated and comic series--and is believed to appear on the big screen in a matter of time.

Do you have any DC Superheroes in mind that are worth mentioning? Comment below!

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