How to Spot Cheap Quality Phone Cases April 14 2016, 0 Comments

Most innovative smartphones of today are already sporting IP67 feature--rumour has it that some smartphones will feature IP68--that means smartphones will be dustproof and waterproof. Phone cases can’t protect your phone against any liquid forms--all the more with cheap quality phone cases!

Waterproof Smartphones

In that way, we can lessen the mini-heart attacks we get each time we’re near bodies of water--yes, no matter how hard we shudder, toilet bowl is also the bane of smartphone’s existence.

What about the heart-wrenching feeling you get each time you drop your phone? Those milliseconds between dropping your phone and meeting the concrete ground can be the longest milliseconds until you finally check your phone for splinters--or worse, shattered screen.

Shattered iPad

That is why smartphone cases became a need, rather than a want. But not all cases can protect your phone. Some phone case manufacturers are more into aesthetic appeal than serving a full protection to your phone. But don’t get me wrong. There are smartphone cases can still protect your phone, either from scuffs and scratches--but only those that are covered. So beware and be aware, because this is how we spot cheap quality phone cases:

#1: Check if the Port Cutouts are Precise

No matter what type of case you have, be it silicone case, polycarbonate case, or gel case, be sure you’re not having hard times plugging in your mobile accessories like monopod, earphones, speakers, and a phone charger. It’s pretty easy to test a phone case when the store is brick and mortar type. What if you’re buying online? Product reviews aren’t there for nothing. Check if there are any negative remarks. And if it has no reviews, but you’re dying to try out this cutesy phone case you’ve found, then it’s your call to find out if this phone case is really a good find.

#2: Cheap Quality Phone Case is… Cheap

Cheap Quality Phone Case

Need I say more? Substandard materials are used to create cheap phone cases. Most of the time, what they sell is the design. If you bought it with a pretty low price, don’t expect it to save your phone at all cost. Cheap phone cases easily break, and in the case of gel cases, either the design if poorly printed or the seamless feel can’t just be achieved.

#3: Cheap Packaging or No Packaging at All

How you present your product’s packaging is how much you value your product in it. High quality cases don’t go in cheap packaging. Cheap phone cases garner dust because of the cheap packaging.

#4: Sticker Designs, Poorly Glued Tiny Ornaments, Easily Scratched Off Prints

Cheap Quality Phone Case Print

One touch, and you feel it’s about to come off. Glued minute ornaments are flat-out cute, but if they come off easily, what good is it then? Stickers stick as long as the adhesive component holds. They do look cute, however, not for long. Poorly printed phone cases can be spotted usually in personalised cases. The image quality printed on the phone case is not as good as the picture. One scratch of your fingers, and you have the rugged look of your phone case. And may we all learn mistake from the girl who used cheap phone case that left a hideous scar on her leg.


Some cheap phone cases do look good. Some just don’t do too much. Let’s not forget the true essence of phone cases, which is to protect our pristine gadgets. Go for phone cases that give your money’s worth. If you had any experience about cheap phone cases, let us know by commenting below! We definitely don’t sell cheap phone cases...