Mother's Day: Phone Case Design Ideas for Your Mum April 20 2016, 0 Comments

A few more daylights, and we could all jump with glee as we greet our loving super mums a Happy Mother’s Day!

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But hey, Dads and kids! Still on the hunt for gift ideas that will surely pull the heartstrings of our life-giving mothers? Let no daylight be wasted! A phone case design dedicated to our mom will surely brighten your mum, my mum, and every mum’s day!

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On this coming Mother’s Day, no mother deserves to be unpampered, unwelcome, and unappreciated. That’s why they deserve the best phone case design they could have!

Buy your mum one or two (or more) of these iPersonalised phone case designs to make your mum’s day extra special:

#1: iPersonalised I Love My Kids Phone Case Design

I Love My Kids - Galaxy S4 - Snap large

What melts our mum’s soft, gooey heart is the thought that--and I’m writing this without any hint of doubt--they are loved by their kiddos. This simple yet thoughtful phone case proudly conveys how much we truly love our mums, and how much she loves us.

#2: iPersonalised Forever My Friend Phone Case Design

Forever My Friend - iPhone 6 - Snap large

She knows what makes you smile. She knows what makes you tick. She knows when you’re sad. She comforts you when you’re tested to the core. She’ll always be your best friend. We call her, Mum.

#3: iPersonalised Home is Where Mum is Phone Case Design

Home is Where Mum is - iPhone 6 - Snap large

There’s no place like home, but when mum is beside you… you will always feel at home.

#4: iPersonalised Mother Phone Case Design

Mother - iPhone 6 - Snap large

Amazing. Loving. Strong. Happy. Selfless. Graceful. Words can never be enough to describe how wonderful mum is.

#5: iPersonalised My Family is Better than WIFI Phone Case Design

My Family is Better Than WiFi - iPhone 6 - Snap large

Make your mom say loud and proud that your family is better than any sliced bread or even WIFI by copping this phone case for your mom.

#6: iPersonalised Dear Mum Phone Case Design

Dear Mum - iPhone 6 - Snap large

In the simplest and most subtle way, let your mum know how much you love her with Dear Mum Phone Case with these words heartfully uttered, “Dear mum, I love you.”


Want to add your personal touch? Good thing creating personalised phone case designs for your Apple and Samsung devices is made easier in just 3 minutes or less!

#1: Go to iPersonalised Case Designer page.

#2: Choose your phone brand and phone model.

#3: Upload the photo of you and your mum--or anything that will make your mum feel loved.

#4: Reflect the necessary adjustments, read and accept Terms and Conditions, and click ADD TO CART.

#5: Follow the prompts! Before you know it, you have your mum’s personalised phone case at your doorstep!

Mothers. Without them, we won’t be able to build our own life. They are the embodiment of resilience. They are so much more than ‘just’ our mum. Mother’s Day or not, we must treasure our moments with them. So to all mums out there, we need you more than peanut butter needs jelly. Anytime, anywhere, Happy Mum’s Day to you.