An Interview with Artist Julie Cane May 04 2016, 0 Comments

“The best part of creating is seeing your idea emerge from the canvas in the way that exceeds your initial expectations.”

Can’t distinguish between a real photo or a painting? Blame it on the award winning artist Julie Cane.

Julie Cane

Julie resides in Brisbane together with her young family. She has always loved art and always drawn and painted. A hand blessed with such creativity that reflects the world around her. The year 2000 unfolds and so her devotion to painting intensifies. In 2002, she became a semi-professional artist in England. And then she became a full-fledged professional artist in the year 2014.

Get a chance to take a look and be stunned with her realistic still life pictures and leaf painting in oil.

Inspired Perspiration:

“I am inspired by nature and the world around me, I love flowers, landscape, colour, still life arrangements and I am just getting into seascape. There is just so much inspirational material around me I often find it hard to narrow it down for a series or collection.”

The Love of Art:

“I love oil painting, watercolour painting, marquetry, sewing crochet and woodworking to name a few, though time is always my biggest limiting factor.”

A Cut Above the Rest:

“I am not sure I have found the whole answer to this yet, it is my ongoing mission. I feel my attention to detail, the way I see nature and the world are unique to me. I notice every detail and that is reflected in my work. My leaf pictures are unique to me and their message about recycling, and reusing the earth’s resources is one very dear to me (nature is the ultimate recycler).”

A Piece of Art; Never a Piece of Cake:

“I find one of the biggest challenges is living with the rollercoaster of despondency due to rejections and the elation when work is accepted as I strive to get my art into various shows.”

Creativity Never Stops:

“As an artist who has learnt through workshops, courses and books, I wish I had a deeper knowledge of composition, tone and colour, as well as how to make the medium do what I wanted it to do before I started. I wish I knew how to take the rejection, though that improves with time. I also would have loved to know a lot more about marketing and promotion. All these aspects are coming together now, and the future is looking really exciting.”

The Coolest Tip of Julie Cane for Aspiring Artists:

“Always mix enough paint! Keep going no matter what, the only failed artist is the one who does not paint, so believe in yourself and let that passion shine!”

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