4 Reasons a Phone Case is the Best Memory Keeper May 20 2016, 0 Comments

Have you ever stumbled upon an old keepsake box--or a photo album? What’s it like seeing your face 10 Jurassic years ago? Whether you look adorable in those pictures, or it’s as though someone spilt embarrassment all over, we can’t deny the fact that these old photographs warm our hearts as we ride the trip back to memory lane, bar none. What if you can carry it with you all the time? There’s no best way to carry and flaunt it around than through your personalised phone case.

Here’s why you need to have your own personalised phone case:

#1: Phone Cases are the best way to flaunt it

 iPersonalised Phone Case Best Way to Flaunt

Wouldn’t it be nice if you get to bask the perfectly captured moment anytime, anywhere?

Why not use your phone’s home screen?

You don’t always leave your phone’s screen lit up, do you? And most of the time, you’re the only one staring at your phone if no one is shoulder snooping.

If you have a customised phone case, trust me, a picture of your baby can brighten your day the moment you lay your eyes upon it even in the most stressful days.

#2: A Phone Case is sturdy

 Phone Case is sturdy

A picture frame at your workstation looks nice--until you spilled your freshly brewed coffee all over. It’s nice to have an inspiration while you’re stapled to your desk, but it’s heart-wrenching to have the photograph broken beyond repair, especially if you have no soft copy of it. Because photo sheets are somewhat tearable memory keepers--oh, puns--a sturdy phone case best fits as the sweetest memento there is.

#3: A Personalised Phone Case is Unique

 Unique Personalised Phone Case

Your personalised case is unique. Unless you make multiple copies of the phone case, of course! A personalised phone case is something you can take pride of because it has your very own personal touch. It is the perfect gift for your loved ones be it Christmas, Birthday, or any occasion that we celebrate with our dear ones. Having a personalised phone case saves you from the pain of scouring through the vast anthology of creative cases that might have already been bought by someone on the other side.

#4: A Personalised Designed Phone Case Doesn’t Rub Off Easily

 Phone Case Doesn't Rub Off

Let’s be clear, not all personalised phone case guarantees that they have undergone a good printing quality. It pays to know how to spot a cheap quality phone case. That is why iPersonalised focusses more on the quality of the phone case to best give your  money’s worth. It’s good to have a phone case that lasts; it’s great to have your loved ones featured in it.

Plus, you can have a phone case design of anything you can think of. The possibility is endless.

So, what are you waiting for? Start designing one or two of your personalised phone cases now!