An Interview with Painter Pippa Crawley March 23 2016, 0 Comments

“Something happens in your mind’s eye when you see a stunning image - I get a physical emotional reaction to the appearance of things. At the moment I am so moved by Ikebana - the Japanese art of flower arranging.”

Pippa Crawley

Pippa Crawley loves Ikebana, which is really reflected in her paintings. She has been creative since childhood and believes that if you’re genuinely creative, you will have been tapping into your artistic skills from a very young age.

Some of Pippa's artwork:

Pippa Crawley's Artwork iPersonalised


Her grandmother’s kitchen became her own little art studio when she was young as she played with everything she could find and turned them into works of art. When she grew up, she spent many years as a therapist. Pippa’s artistic side was gratified by dabbles into painting, drawing, and various crafts until she finally decided to live the dream of becoming a full-time artist.

Red Blossom Pippa Crawley iPersonalised

Inspiration is Everywhere:

“There are tiny moments of stunning composition everywhere and the artists calling is to ‘see’ those and capture them so that other people’s attention is drawn to the magic in life. I recall a boyfriend telling me that he saw things with me that he’d never noticed before - job done!”


Other than Painting:

“I draw and I have also sewn.  In the last couple of years I had a small interior design business - it’s all the same - about recognising beauty, the patterns that create it and being the creator yourself.”


Uniqueness is Key:

“By painting what I find beautiful - I don’t make any conscious attempt to differentiate myself because then I would be referencing other people’s work which would influence mine and make it less unique and authentically mine.  As I commit more and more and more to only my view, my view becomes more refined and distinct.”


The most challenging part of being an artist for Pippa:

“I think telling people you’re an artist - it sounds silly.  But what the hell!”


The best part of being an artist:

“The whole thing is the best part - seeing things through your eyes, playing with beautiful materials, mixing paint, making brushstrokes and standing back from the canvas and being pleased with your efforts.  If I had to make a hierarchy, it would be the act of applying paint to canvas - what a joy!”


The coolest art tip she can share with aspiring artists:

“There’s no cool trick, no secret tip that means you escape the doing.  Do art.  Do it every day. Learn, learn, learn, do, do, do. Understand the elements and principles of art and allow your knowledge to change the way you see and the way you think about what you see. You are the servant of art and it should change you - transform you into an artist.”


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