Why Buy a Personalised Phone Case? January 11 2017, 0 Comments

Your personality on your phone

Almost everyone has a mobile phone - we carry them with us everywhere, and they are our means of communicating with friends, family and the world in general. If you don’t have a mobile, then quite frankly people think you are quirky to say the least! The problem is that they all look so similar - while it is true they come in slightly different sizes, and the cases may vary in terms of shade, they are all rather plain. If you are looking to make your phone your own and have something that reflects who you are, then why not take a look at what we have to offer at ipersonalised.com.

Our cases

Snap Phone Case

Unlike so many of the other photo phone cases available on the market - ours are made to last. We offer a selection of cases that are suitable for both Samsung and Apple phones, and we guarantee that they will fit any smartphone. Built to last, these cases are made from the highest quality polycarbonate plastic available, making them incredibly durable. With a snug and secure fit to your smartphone, our cases will not slip Defender Phone Caseor slide nor will they fade or scratch off. In other words, they are simply great quality that will fit your phone and last.

What’s more, we offer 2 distinct types of case. We have the snap polycarbonate case which snaps directly onto your phone or the defender, which gives you a rubber insert between your phone and the case for greater protection to your phone – ideal if you’re prone to accidents.


Make it personal

Why just limit your favourite photo to your screensaver when you could use it as your photographic phone case? Whether it’s your family, the kids, your pet or even just a photo of somewhere that holds a special memory, the choice of design is yours. We can transform your photo in to a fantastic phone case Personalised Phone Cases
using the world’s leading sublimation technology, which prints your image directly into the surface of the case. This method protects not only the image but also the phone case as well. The whole process takes us just under 5 minutes and the result is a stunning vibrant phone case that is completely unique to you. And with our express delivery options your new case can be with you in no time at all.


Browse our design albums

Can’t decide which photo you want to use? Then why not browse through the amazing online album of photographic phone cases we can make for you. We have everything from simple patterned cases to flags, wildlife to DC Comics and much, much more. Loads of DesignsThere’s sure to be something for absolutely everyone and we can even add your name making it a truly unique personalised phone case just for you. If you really can’t decide which design you like, then why not pick two and have one for your iPad; as not only can our cases be supplied in phone size, we also personalise iPad cases as well. And if you really can’t decide which one you like best then why not pick a few as gifts for friends, we can ship to anywhere in the world!


With all this on offer, why not extend your sense of style to your phone or tablet today with one of our durable vibrant iPersonalised cases? After all, there’s really no reason to have the same case as anyone else for your smartphone or iPad when you can choose a design that’s all about you.