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Julie Cane

Julie Cane PortraitJulie is an award winning artist, living with her young family in Brisbane. She is best known for her realistic still life pictures and leaf paintings in oil. Her landscapes are delightfully real and Julie's watercolours are a fresh and often detailed reflection of the plants she has seen or the places she has visited.

Her paintings reflect the world around her, the leaf pictures particularly capture nature at its best, including its ability to reduce (decay) and reuse the precious nutrients to produce an every more stunning natural environment. Julie feels passionately about protecting this precious world of ours. Julie has enjoyed using diverse range of media and a variety of subjects during her career.

Julie is now represented by the Lethbridge Gallery, Paddington, and exhibiting in various group shows where she has had a number of successes including winning the Lethbridge 10,000 Small Scale Art Award for 2014, more information about Julie can be found at