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The iPersonalised Team!

We have a bunch of great individuals who work fantastically in a team. We love, laugh and encourage each other on a daily basis, as well as teaching and learning from each other. Our team is dedicated to helping our customers to the best of our ability and challenging ourselves everyday! Below is an overview of our team!

The Case Monster



D.OB: 30.1.2015

Place of Birth: Brisbane, Australia

Hi my name is, of course, the Case Monster. My job at iPersonalised is to look after all of our wonderful customers and ensure that they are happy with their cases and satisfied with my service.

I live with my two roommates Jan and Jack who have two pet chickens and a lama called Laura. I don’t often go out in the yard as the lama really scares me.

In my spare time I enjoying eating ice-cream, rock climbing, jumping on the old trampoline and of course going to the beach and just chilling out with my other case monster guys and gals. I love a good adventure with friends and family and enjoy a chill day at home watching movies and eating BBQ flavoured popcorn every now and then.


Royston Kent


D.OB: 13th November

Place of Birth: United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Royston. I currently oversee all business development opportunities at iPersonalised, a new and unique smart phone and Tablet accessories company that specialises in making ordinary phones look extraordinary.

When I was 19, I took my first steps into the business world by purchasing a franchise called Zenith Leisure. I had some great fun here with a good friend of mine, Colin. While we did not make any money, we did gain real world experience that has shaped me and the businesses I am a part of.

At the age of 22 I started my career in the plastics industry which I still have a real passion for.

Luke Flego


Heya I’m Luke. I’ve been alive for a quarter century and in that time I learned I’m a lazy human. However, to combat this I’m very creative and clever. So work wise I’m all about automation and how I can make the tasks ahead easier, faster, and better. I really excel on a computer where I can code small web apps to help our processes.

I like to say I work at iPersonalised as Zeus (Electric Machine Commander), however formally my position is Print Production Manager. I look after the entire process from gathering orders online to printing and shipping them by the end of the day. This involves adding images into a Photoshop template, printing them on a foil, putting the foil on a tray that has 6 blank cases on it into an oven at roughly 150 degrees for about 14 minutes. After that, out comes custom phone cases!

I’m pretty sci-fi and metal orientated. I play guitar, and game a lot. As well as waste all of my hours on the internet.


Megan Kent


D.OB: 21ST of June

Place of Birth: England

Hi my name is Megan. I have a golden Labrador named Mollea and an axolotl named Flo who I love as if they were people.

I’ve been working at iPersonalised for 3 years and have gained loads of experience in managing a business and really improved my people skills. I manage stock, invoicing, marketing, HR and loads more. I am also in my third year of studying a bachelor of Primary Education full time which is my true passion in life.

I love ice-cream and doughnuts A LOT and being out in the sun at the beach, although a lazy day at home watching kids movies with popcorn never hurt. I am super fun and crazy and love what I do at iPersonalised.

Michelle Wright


Hi I’m Michelle I’m originally from the UK and moved here 8 years ago. I’ve been working for iPersonalised since August 2015. I work as a Print production assistant, my role is to process the orders that people place for phone cases. I edit them in Photoshop, print them onto sheets and put them through the moulding process, to then clean and send to the customer.

I also have a part time photography/ Design business, as well as studying for a Diploma in Graphic design. I design cards and T-shirts and sell them and my prints on-line.

I love nature that’s my true passion, most of my photos are of nature, when I’m not out on walks I’m snorkeling or body boarding at the beach. I like being busy and active with the occasional downtime…. with a lazy day at home or out for a movie.