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A joke proudly presented by a nutcracker.

Q: Why can't you be friends with a squirrel?

A: They drive everyone nuts.

When it comes to our Nutcracker that’s just not true. He will only crack your nuts, such a super helpful lil’ guy. This gorgeous little guy is looking for a furrever home and is hoping for you to find it in your heart to bring him into your life. He doesn’t eat much and is super low maintenance. Just a gentle clean every few weeks and he’s happy. Grab this cool dude for your Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone and be crazy happy with your awesome quality, super cute Nutcracker case!

Standing at the forefront of technology, iPersonalised (ipersonalised.com) pushes the boundaries and makes the impossible, possible. Having reinvented the world of personalisation and customisation to exceed the expectations of the consumers who demand the best, iPersonalised invites you to stand out from the crowd and let your personality shine. It’s your phone, your image, on your case. iPersonalised really is your go-to shop when it comes to personalising your phone case, with free shipping, hassle-free returns and an amazing range of officially-licensed designs.

iPersonalised offers true photographic quality when printing smartphone cases making the ordinary smartphone look extraordinary. iPersonalised manages quality through: A defined and disciplined system, qualified operations management, using experienced and qualified suppliers, using industry approved materials and systems, proactively testing and evaluating at each step of the process and continuously learning from our issues and our customers. Our resolution when printing yields over 98% Ink Transfer. Resolution from screen to printed part, 1:1. And to top it all off, we utilise the ONLY film that can wrap high resolution and keep full ink density. 

It's time to get personal with the nutcracker!

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