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Trusting the process

By Wendy Rix


Trusting the process


Having faith that all that will be, will be. The universe knows what we need, we have to just trust. Also affectionately known as the "butterfly painting" - based on the wing of a butterfly...

Wendy Rix

“Art stories to wear and share”
An artist, a nurse, a wanderer, a mum, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a christian and a proud Yuwaalaraay woman, currently living in Brisbane. A contemporary, experiential and indigenous artist. I write a little, draw a little, talk some and listen a lot. I paint a lot and am very bad at bookwork. I have crazy dogs. I don't like brushing my hair. I wear fluffy socks that don't match, and love boots. Most of my clothes are covered in paint, and my kids think I am messy. I like to think I am funny. Not that I exaggerate at all.

I paint in response to music, conversations and colours. What I feel I paint, it’s what I want to say when I can’t find the right words. I paint experiences..I would love to think the audience can connect to a mood, or experience, or a feeling..rather than thinking “that will go with my lounge”.

I have stories to tell, and love to hear your stories! I have just started living the dream…travelling around our beautiful country… sometimes towing a caravan and taking my dogs - doing workshops with kids/adults, painting, attending exhibitions, getting inspirations and hearing stories - I believe story telling is healing. I am dabbling in fabric design, recycled furniture, welcome commissions and collaborations.


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