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USB Tassel Key Chain


USB Tassel Key Chain


Charge your phone on-the-go with this soft tassel keychain complete with USB cord. Clip it onto your purse or backpack so you have it wherever you go! 


Being prepared for anything should complement your sense of style, not compromise it. The USB Tassel puts your charger cable exactly where you need it: wherever you are. Hidden in plain sight as a chic accessory on your purse or overnight bag, your cable stays tidy not tangled, and ready to charge, share music and pictures, or simply connect, wherever life takes you. Hiding the colored cable within complementing Leather Tassels protects the connector heads when not in use. It also protects the tassel's secret identity as a functional charging accessory.

Be sure to choose carefully! We have both micro USBs and lightning USBs.Fashion


  • iPhone 5/ 5s/ 5c (Lightning USB)
  • iPhone SE (Lightning USB)
  • iPhone 6/6s (Lightning USB)
  • iPhone 7 (Lightning USB)

  • Samsung S3 (Micro USB)
  • Samsung S4 (Micro USB)
  • Samsung S5 (Micro USB)
  • Samsung S6/ S6 Edge / S6 Edge Plus (Micro USB)
  • Samsung S7/ S7 Edge (Micro USB)


*Jimmy Choo Bag Not Included

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